Satan’s Kingdom

It was another beautiful, sunny day here in Happy Valley and we had planned a MTB ride on the Vernon Trails. After my rather disastrous ride in Wendell, I was a little uncertain of my ability to ride on any trail, so I planned to only ride the roads. I arrived at Todd’s house and was joined there by 19 other riders for our trip to the local trails.
After the group was assembled I told everyone of my intention to ride mainly the roads (there would be a short section of trail required to make the loop back to Todd’s). Mike and another rider( Steve??) offered to go with me and soon we were all underway. I managed to keep up with the back of the pack until we got to the first trailhead where Mike, Steve and I split off. Matt Chickering had a mechanical on the way over so he joined my group.
We rode over to Satan’s Kingdom and took to the trails. I walked the first section and then rode the rest of the way to the new trails behind Lane’s. I was surprised to find that I was able, for the most part, to ride those smoother trails with no difficulty. We continued on trails over to the Gibson’s house (I did have to walk some of the more challenging parts of the trails) where we were joined by the rest of the riders.
Everyone except for Matt and I continued on the trails while Matt and myself took West Road back to the start. It was a fabulous ride for me and I first want to thank my three companions for their help and forbearance on my ride. Secondly I want to thank Todd, Kris, Lynn and the many other helpers who built the trails we are so privileged to have at our disposal. Also I want to thank the landowners who like the Gibson’s allow us on their property. It doesn’t get much better than this anywhere you go.

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