Scott Demo Day 6-12

On Wednesday 6-12-2013 we will be doing a MTB demo on the Deerfield Ridge at 6:20. We will meet at the Lewis Track parking lot and go out for a ride on the trails. Tyler will lead a faster group and I will do a short loop, Andrew Tinnen (sp) will bring his truck load of Scott bikes for you to rBobs Pre Ride Instructionside on the trails. PLEASE DO NOT RIDE ON THE TRACK SURFACE!! We ask that you also keep the noise to a minimum in the parking lot so as to not to disturb the neighbors. We are guests here so be respectful of the trails and stay on  the trails while riding your bike. We welcome all levels of riders and this is not a hard sell opportunity! Bring your own bike and try out the equipment or just show up and we will provide you with a bike to ride if you don’t have one. This demo is more about getting you to use newer equipment (shifters, shocks, wheels etc.) as much as it is a showcase for the bikes. You can evaluate components to see if a new bike is for you or maybe some new parts would spruce up your current ride! Anyway, come join in the fun on these nice trails. I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of the trail builders who contributed to this wonderful asset to the MTB community most noteworthy of them would be: Harold Green, John Friends, Luke and Adam Williams, Eric Malloy, Christian Day, David Thiel, Mike Akrep and a host of other helpers (including me).




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