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Tuesday Night “Show and Go” Ride

I am away with my family this week so the Tuesday Night ride will be a “show and go” affair. The route should be the one of the hill rides.It might be a good day to do the Shutesbury Ride

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Beginner Road Ride-No Ice Cream Social

With the threat for storms today; there will be a beginner ride at 6:00 if it is not storming. I will not be attending but you all are invited to go. I am hoping to get the Ice Cream Social

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Thursday Night Road Ride

Weather permitting we will be doing the MT. Warner road ride at 6:00. Bob Croke will be attending and he no doubt will be cheer leading the riders.I may or may not ride depending on who shows up.

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No Ride Tonight-Ice Cream Social 7-8-13

Due to the rain forecast I decided to postpone The social to July 8th. See you then!!

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Ice Cream Social 2013

We are not going to ride tonight due to the approaching storms. We will do the ride on Wednesday instead. Same time, same bat channel!!On Monday 6-24 we will be hosting our 27th annual Ice Cream Social Ride. We will

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Sunday Road Ride 6-23

I will be doing my usual 1:00 ride from the shop. Bad Bob and Paul usually go out at 1:30 for a slower paced ride. I will pick a route at ride time.

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MTB Ride-Montague Plains 6-19

Since I have been recovering from my surgery I have not been able to do the more technical rides on my MTB.I am going to do a beginner paced ride on the Montague Plains at6:20 from the common in Montague

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Tuesday Road Ride-6-18

We will be doing our usual road ride if it is not raining or storming at ride time. I am thinking of doing a shorter ride if it is cloudy and if we have good sun we may do the

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Beginner Road Ride 6-17

If it isn’t raining or storming we will be doing our usual road ride at 6:00 from the shop.I will organize the groups and routes at ride time.

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Father’s Day Road Ride

There will be a road ride at 1:00 from the shop. I would like to head south and make a loop up through Williamsburg and Ashfield. The route will depend on who shows up.

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