Who we are

I mean really, is everyone a featherweight world-champion black-belt nuclear-powered biking god? Of course not! Bob is close; but even he has his limits. Our shop isn’t like that.  We love to ride (and ski).  In fact, we like to ride (and ski) so much that we would love for you to join us.  We (mainly Bob) lead lots of rides for road and mountain bikers, and we figure that the best way to help you love love love this sport is to make it as accessible as possible. So, no pressure to perform, you do what is most comfortable for you.  We do not care what bike you ride, how much your bike weighs or what clothes you wear. We want you to enjoy your day with us. If you are a competitive type of person, we understand your needs as well. We have riders who can really rip and will give you all the challenge that you can handle. We have “A” group road rides on Tuesday and  Thursday for the competitive folks. Beginner rides are typically on Monday. We also have MTB rides for every ability level. Bob will often even provide transportation to kids who want to join us for our more distant trail rides. We can help you find a bike (or skis!) that fit your budget and ambitions. Our staff will answer your questions and get you the right equipment at a price that is right for you. So stop by. If you’re old, young, feel old, feel young, or are something in between, we’d love to meet you.