Parts & Service

Grasshopper, Matt, and Bob: Our three bike doctors


What sound exactly is it making?  Is it more of a “Shhhreeeecchhh” or more of a “Scruuuuunch?”

That’s the sort of question our service staff will ask. Why? Because they ride (and ski!) just like you do. They can tell the difference between the creak of a loose seat post and the time-bomb-like ticking of a bottom bracket. And if you don’t know what either of those items is, they can explain that too.

You’ll never be told to fix what ain’t broken.  You’ll never be pushed to buy fancier gear than you need.  And you’ll never find service or repair work that we won’t stand behind.

You see, you’ll get to know us, and we’ll get to know you too.

From the first time you come in with a problem, to seasonal once-overs, we’re going to get to know each other.  You’re going to have your bike (or skis!) for a long time, and we hope you’ll keep bringing them back to us for service.  That’s part of the reason our service rates are low: because the relationship more valuable to us, and hopefully to you too.