It’s raining. Now what?

We will not start a ride if it is raining or if the roads are still wet from a storm. However, we often will find ourselves out on course when it starts to rain. If this happens the following is a basic guideline for rainy rides.

Braking technique is different when the road surface is slippery or if you are turning. When the roads are wet you should be aware that the front wheel can skid out when braking or turning. In wet weather, the streets can be slick, and so will your rims. 

  • It can take 100 feet or more before the brakes begin to work normally, so leave a bigger gap between you and the rider ahead of you.
  • Brake lightly, and use the front brakes a bit less than normal.
  • Dry your rims by applying the brakes well AHEAD of time. 
  • Avoid slick surfaces such as manhole covers, painted traffic markings, wet leaves, and oil slicks. If you can’t avoide these spots, ride over them slowly, being careful not to turn, brake or accelerate. 
  • If you cannot see the bottom of the puddle ride around it! A puddle can hide a nasty pothole — and with it increased danger of flats and crashes! 

When you get home after a rainy ride, it’s a good idea to dry off your bike, re-lubricate the chain and inspect the frame and tires for any damage or wear.